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Our Expectations

At Performers Theatre Company, we have clear expectations set out for our children, parents/carers and staff. This is to ensure that everyone is consistently in line with our vision and values - we want everyone in our community to 'BE THEIR BEST'.

We expect all children and parents/carers to sign a Code of Conduct prior to enrolling in our classes. This clearly breaks down how we expect all to act and conduct themselves at Performers allowing our environment to be safe, positive, enjoyable and friendly.


Respect during classes is always expected. Children are to respect each other and the adults that are there to ensure classes run correctly and safely. Children are to ensure they listen, are courteous, kind, and helpful to all around them. There is a zero tolerance of bullying and unkind behaviour will be dealt with at the highest severity.

Remember: Performers is not a state school. If you are not behaving appropriately, you will be given a formal written warning by the Principal in the first instance and in the second instance unenrolment.


Children must arrive to classes on time. Parents/carers must inform the school if they are going to be running late. Arriving late impacts on the class, teacher and students.


Once enrolled in a Performers’ class, children are expected to attend every class. If more than three consecutive weeks have elapsed without notifying us, it will be assumed that the child has left Performers and will be removed from enrolment. Formal notification of absence must not be made through another pupil or parent. 

If a child is unable to attend a class/rehearsal, Performers must be informed as soon as possible. If arrangements have been made which results in a child not being able to attend, the Principal must be informed at least four weeks in advance.

Drop Off/Collection

Parents/carers are asked to drop off their children directly before the start of their class and collect immediately at the end of class. If you have made arrangements to take another child home, this must be cleared with Performers.



Mobile phones, laptops or devices that may distract children should not be used. If any electronic is brought in, it must be placed in a coat/bag and not used throughout the duration of the class. If seen, the electronic will be confiscated until the end of the lesson and the parent/carer informed.


Personal Property

Children should make sure that they keep their valuables and personal items with them at all times. Performers regrets that we cannot be held responsible if items go missing.


Performers’ uniform should be worn to all classes, workshops, rehearsals, and performances. This helps people in whatever surroundings Performers are in identify children. Uniform should be worn with pride. No jewellery is allowed with the exception of single studded earrings and a watch. This also acts as a health and safety issue.

Children should arrive to classes already changed. Toilets are located on the premises should a child need to change.


Term time classes are paid on the 1st of each month via ClassForKids.

All other fees (masterclasses, rehearsals, summer schools etc.) are paid via bank transfer - an invoice is sent via email. It must be paid by the date given otherwise you will incur a £5 charge (as per our Terms and Conditions - as of January 2023). Those who have made prior arrangements with the Principal are exempt from this.


Please see our individual policies and procedures related to this on our Policies page.


As a school, we are always learning and wanting to grow. Our staff do everything in the best interests of the children but at times, things do not always go to plan or as expected. We appreciate positive and constructive feedback from our parents/carers and our students. If you have any feedback, you can always speak to us in person or via email/phone.

If you have a concern or complaint, this must be done in person wherever possible. Under no circumstances, should concerns be raised in front of the children. Failure to have professional conversations with our staff will result in you being asked to leave the premises.


General expectations

No Parent/carer is allowed in to the corridors or studios during classes.
Parents/carers should wait in the designated waiting areas during class times.
Parents/carers should discourage challenging and inappropriate conduct towards teachers and other dancers by their child.
Help your child to recognise good performance and progression.
Be realistic with regard to their ability and do not set expectations too high – It can be very damaging for children if they feel they are falling short of their parents’/carers' expectations.
Discourage comparison against other children – Each child is an individual with different goals and objectives and they must be praised on their own personal achievement.

To not post messages on Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, You Tube or other associated social media of a derogative nature in regards to any student, performance discipline or Performers Theatre Company (in line with our Social Media policy)
Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated from parents/carers or other family members and could result in parent/carers or family members being banned from premises/events/performances or the school itself. Unacceptable behaviour includes – bullying, swearing, spitting, fighting and derogatory comments towards others.
Whilst at performances/events all members of our community are ambassadors and representatives of Performers Theatre Company and we expect all to behave in a manner that is respectful and appropriate.
Should any issues arise that are a cause for concern about your child, teachers or the school, speak to Sam (Principal) and the situation will be dealt with professionally and appropriately.

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