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Performers Theatre Company offers high quality performing arts training at incredibly affordable prices. We recognise the impact that the pandemic/current living crisis has had on many families and appreciate how expensive many training facilities, youth theatres and theatre companies can be - we want to ensure that ANY child can have the opportunity to thrive in the performing arts without parents worrying about extortionate fees.

Our current fees are shown to the right. These are our weekend/weekday fees and do not take into account additional costs for extra rehearsals, masterclasses and summer schools. Payments are made through our provider ClassForKids as monthly subscriptions. Session costs are multiplied by the amount of sessions in the academic year and divided by 12 months.

No obligation free trials can be booked so you can have peace of mind knowing your child can experience our classes without paying a penny.


Current Fees

Musical Theatre

Infants - £5 per session

Juniors and Seniors - £8 per session (£6.50 per session Friday classes)

Singing (group)

£6.50 per session


£6 per session


£8.50 per session

Pop Tots

£5 per session


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