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Performers Theatre Company takes pride in all that it does. This includes the aesthetic of the school and its pupils. That is why at Performers we have a strict uniform code. Not only does our uniform look professional, smart and represent the school in a positive light but it also acts as a health and safety measure when safeguarding our young people. 

As our school hires specific public premises, this means that we need to be able to identify our children quickly and without fuss. We ask that all children come to their classes wearing Performers' uniform. If children do not come dressed, we will ask the parents/guardians to take their children home as this presents a safeguarding issue. 

We want our young people to take pride in Performers as well as feeling comfy and prepared for any performance class.


What do you need to wear?



Navy Blue Performers’ polo shirt

Plain black/navy blue leggings, tracksuit bottoms (no logo/markings) or plain black/navy blue shorts

Plain black jazz shoes, trainers or barefoot

Plain black leotards are acceptable


Navy Performers’ sweatshirt or zip-up hoodie (during winter months)

Navy Performers' shorts (during summer months)


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