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Our Vision

At Performers Theatre Company, we understand that every child is totally unique in their own special way.

We appreciate just how important it is to ensure that every child is able to feel as if they have achieved something and are putting their interests, skills and passions to good use. Performers' main aim is to allow every child to own their unique talents yet learn and enhance their skills at their own pace. Whilst classes are fast paced and challenging, they will always allow for each child to leave feeling confident, proud and determined to keep pushing themselves further. We will always instil to the children the vision of 'BEING YOUR BEST'; if you are willing to learn, improve and better yourselves, you are on the path to success.

As well as this, Performers Theatre Company also aim to:

  • Enhance the education and experiences of young people aged 4-18 in the performing arts;

  • Offer our children at least one performing opportunity throughout the academic year;

  • Give our young people the chance to work with industry professionals through workshops and masterclasses;

  • Allow children and young people to participate in activities that are within their own age group;

  • Always ensure that classes and workshops are exemplary and give children the very best performing arts opportunities;

  • Allow those who are not enrolled in Performers' classes the chance to partake in performing arts opportunities via an audition;

  • Build a large network of young people from across the local and wider community allowing talent, expertise, and specialisms to be shared creatively and imaginatively;

  • Create an exciting, engaging and positive environment where children and young people can thrive academically, socially and mentally

We are a family at Performers and everyone is welcome


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