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Performers Theatre Company is a successful performing arts school located in Hampshire, UK. Our school prides itself on providing exceptional performing arts classes that allow all young people to express themselves and gain the skills needed to succeed both in their personal and professional lives.


Our school's vision of 'Be Your Best' embodies all that we do, allowing our young people to not only reach their potential but challenge themselves in the process. 

Performers Theatre Company provides a warm and supportive environment yet ensures children take full responsibility for their achievements and successes. Our community is at the heart of everything that we do and without it, we would not run effectively or successfully.



Performers Theatre Company was first coined back in 2011 by its Principal, Sam Gibbs, when he was 17 however it was never fully established until December 2021. The school's grand opening took place in May 2022 following a launch party in April that same year.


Sam had always dreamt of opening a performing arts theatre school for a number of years as he wanted to put his acting, musical theatre and directorial talents to good use. He generated a number of names including High Five Theatre before settling with Performers Theatre Company as he believed the name represented the diversity and scope of the performance industry. 

The Principal, Sam Gibbs, worked as a full time primary teacher from September 2018 to July 2023 before going part time in September 2023. Still actively involved in education, Sam brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experiences that benefit every child at Performers.

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