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Musical Theatre

Class Details

Who: 5-16 years

Infants (Year R-2) (Saturdays only)

Juniors (Year 3-6) - CLASS FULL (Saturdays)

Seniors (Year 7-11)

When: Saturdays 

Infants (9:00-9:45am) Dickinson Centre

Juniors (9:00-10:30am) Lecture Theatre

Seniors (10:30am-12:00pm) Lecture Theatre

Fridays (starting 5th May 2023)

Juniors (5:00-6:30pm) Dance Studio

Seniors (6:30-8:00pm) Dance Studio

Performers Theatre Company's primary focus is on the development of skills within musical theatre. Classes consist of 45 minutes dance and 45 minutes acting. 

Dance classes focus on:

  • movement

  • core stability

  • technique

  • posture

  • co-ordination

Acting classes focus on:

  • improvisation

  • script work

  • voice technique

  • character building

  • imagination

Both classes involve individual and group activities allowing for children to thrive independently and collectively. Content and stimuli is current and forward thinking ensuring that classes are fast-paced, exciting and relevant.

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