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Matilda Jr Open Auditions

Our second full scale production will be Matilda Jr. The production will run on Friday 31st May and Saturday 1st June 2024 at Park Community School for a total of 3 shows.


Open Auditions will take place on Friday 29th September 2023. Please see all information including audition forms and material below.

Please ensure you read all information carefully.

Date: Friday 29th September 2023

Time: 6-9pm (check complete timings below)

Location: Park Community School, Havant, Hampshire UK

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can audition?

Anyone up to the age of 18 (children must still be under 18 at the time of the production dates)

Can I email my audition form in?

Yes. Just let us know when you enter the audition room. All emails must go to

What will happen at the audition?

Those auditioning are to arrive during the allocated times below:

7-10 years (6-7pm)

11-13 years (7-8pm)

14-18 years (8-9pm)

On arrival, you will be given a sticker with a number on. This will be the order in which you will go in to audition. When you are called, please ensure you bring your audition form with you. It would help if you attach a photo of yourself, particularly those not enrolled at Performers.

Will someone read on for other character's lines?

Yes, one of the audition panel will do this.

Can I bring props?

If you feel it will benefit your audition, absolutely!

Will there be music provided?

Yes, you do not need to bring bluetooth speakers etc.

Can I audition for more than one character?

You can audition for one character only. Please feel free to write down any other characters you are interested in on your audition form as we may feel you are suited to a different role.

How long will the audition last for?

It will take no more than 10 minutes. How long it takes is also no indication as to whether you have been cast or not.

Open Auditions Matilda Jr.png

Important documents

Please ensure you read the

Code of Conduct.

Audition Material

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