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Aladdin Auditions

In December 2024, Performers Theatre Company will be producing their very first Christmas pantomime - the popular and well-loved, ALADDIN.

Auditions will take place on Saturday 8th June 2024 and are for children who are currently enrolled at Performers only. This does include children who have been in our previous full-scale productions.

Please ensure you read all information carefully.

Date: Saturday 8th June 2024

Time: 2pm-5:30pm

Location: Park Community School, Havant, Hampshire UK

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can audition?

Those enrolled at Performers (or who have been in our previous shows) from ages 7-18.

Can I audition for an ensemble role?

Yes, you can. We ask that you prepare a song of your choice and write 'ensemble' on your audition form.

What will happen at the audition?

On arrival, you will be given a sticker with a number on. This will be the order in which you will go in to audition. Please ensure you have prepared your audition material.

Will someone read on for other character's lines?

Yes, one of the audition panel will do this.

Can I bring props?

If you feel it will benefit your audition, absolutely!

Will there be music provided?

Yes, you do not need to bring bluetooth speakers etc.

Can I audition for more than one character?

You can audition for one character only. This can be told to the audition panel when you enter your audition.

How long will the audition last for?

It will take no more than 5 minutes. How long it takes is also no indication as to whether you have been cast or not.

Aladdin Auditions 2024

Important Information

Please ensure you read the

Code of Conduct.

Audition Material

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